About the Author

J&NAs a Husband and Father, I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and the need to stand strong.  How do I decide to deal with that weight?

I turn to writing.

I’ve always thought of myself as a “writer”. Have I ever written a book? No. Have I ever written a script? No. Do I enjoy writing essays? No. However, I’ve always had a bit of a knack for it. The purpose of this blog is two-fold (probably more like quadruple-fold in reality). First, to allow me an avenue to stretch my creative fingers and break into the world of digital journal writing (which I always knew I should do, but never consistently kept it up), and secondly, to get to a place where I am more confident in my ability to write, think, communicate, imagine, and become a writer worth reading.

I hope to visit a wealth of topics throughout the life of this blog.   As I generally prefer to be a background character, sharing my thoughts in such a manner will be a bit odd at first, but I expect to improve my ability to convey my thoughts just by being willing to put them on “paper”.  I hope to coax the closet thinkers and dreamers out of their shells. To encourage all of us to do something out of the mundane. To live a little.

I cannot help but mention He who is in me. He who is YAHWEH. God of all. He will come out in my writings. It is His story that leads me to write and to live life. Without Him I am a monster seeking to glorify myself and to ravage the world with my sinful desires. But I have been saved from that lifestyle by one act of love from my God. He sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, God AND man, the Perfect One, to die for all. His death dissolved the chains of Sin in my life leaving me beholden only to Him who saved me. He bought me. He paid the price. I am His, and He is mine!  Therefore, don’t expect to get some wishy-washy worldly, life experience. Though my words may be human, I desire my meaning behind them to be full of God’s Wisdom, and Love.

I am a devoted follower of Christ.

I am a devoted Husband and Father.

I work for a private christian college.

I work in video production.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Josh Thompson


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